whoa! awesome!

Is your url a play on Jello Biafra? If so that's amazing

who knows

luke he is becomen a dangar to te group

how popular did your blog is get cause of one post you didn't even make ? lol

wow i haven’t checked it in a while but it has 169 followers atm. haha

oh you already know that nmnmnm


if they go to the source instead of clicking the link itll link to the real poster


your background is beautiful

thank you

Maaang. Sucks that someone would even waste their time to set you up like that? You doing okay?

yeah actually!! its not very upsetting anymore. i figure they just had this url when they made that post and changed it once they started getting hate for it.

thanks though, its very kind!

ik you didnt make the post but togami goes perfect with it

damn.. true…

in case you were wondering thats the person that made it